Aktuellt 31 Maj 2012

Sektor3 Omvärld: Youtube och mänskliga rättigheter, indiska demonstrationer och kinesisk filantropi


Youtube startar kanal dedikerad till mänskliga rättigheter
After effectively offering a soundboard to Egypt’s revolutionaries and educating 90 million-plus people about the atrocious crimes committed by warlord Joseph Kony, the video-sharing site has decided to commit an entire channel to human rights issues, the site announced Thursday. Läs mer på Huffington Post

Arbetare i Indiens informella sektor samlades i Delhi för att protestera mot avsaknad pension
The protest in Delhi had wider support among senior activists and academicians. They pointed out that 8.2 per cent of the population or  nearly 100 million Indians are above the age of 60. The majority of them are in the unorganized sector and after a lifetime of work, as their bodies break down, they have little to fall back on.  Läs mer på Civil Society Online

Kinas största filantrop utklassar USAs största filantrop i givande
Chinese glass tycoon Cao Dewang donated $580 million to charity last year, far outpacing the $372 million donation made by America’s biggest living donor, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. Allen was the biggest living donor in the U.S. last year according to The Chronicle of Philanthropy. Läs mer på Gnosis

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